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Sunyukt IT  solutions provide the strategic direction of today’s business environment so that they can find the most economic and efficient set of solutions to be competitive in the market. Sunyukt delivers high quality, reliable and cost-effective IT services to customers globally. We provide world-class technology services by constantly exploring and implementing innovative solutions that drive long-term value to our customers.

Supporting next generation IT Solutions working towards fuelling the knowledge based economy by consulting and developing innovative IT solutions. Our services span a wide range of programming needs  including outsourced product development, custom application development, mobile applications development, web designing etc.

Sunyukt - Industry Focus

We at Sunyukt IT Solutions  believe that Development of truly functional and successful software solutions takes more than just technology. It demands an in-depth understanding of the clients’ industry and its processes, an appreciation of its unique challenges and opportunities, a familiarity with how employees work, how companies interact with their partners, and what keeps customers happy, today and tomorrow. It requires experience. We recognise that the requirements of every customer and industry is different. Apart from the common essentials, the location of the Client matters to a great extent. We apprehend that the needs for our domestic clients are very different from those of our International clients. All our solutions designed for domestic or for international clients are thoughtfully crafted perceiving the client’s and his industries necessities in mind.

Mission to realize our Vision through efficient communication, technology and domain expertise, customer satisfaction delivery and deployment, training and education.

Our main objective is to provide excellent customer service and satisfaction irrespective of the type of product, technology or service offered thereby building great strategic partnerships, Innovation and excellence.

Our key responsibility is to deliver maximum value to our customers worldwide. In fulfillment of this effort, with the help of our dedicated teamwork, we pledge to take the leadership both in development and technology of e-commerce solutions. To adhere in letter and spirit to the technical requirements, laid down systems, on-schedule delivery and inbuilt quality – all essential for our products to be consistently the first choice of our customers.

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Board of Directors

Mr. Sunil Shewale 
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Mrs. Swati Shewale 
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Mr. Sadashiv Shewale 
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Mrs. Savita Bastewad
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